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Product ID: A084KE
SKU: 5021196713630
SoundLAB White DJ Stereo Headphones
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Stock Stock Level: 419
These multi-purpose DJ headphones provide semi-pro level users with an incredible performance unheard of in this price category. T...
Price: 8.91 (10.69 Inc. Vat)

Product ID: SE103
SKU: 4006087067536
Sennheiser HD 215 II Closed Headphones
Stock Stock Level: 1
The Sennheiser HD 215-II Closed Headphones have a rotatable ear cup and a single sided cable making them ideal for DJ use and prov...
Price: 69.29 (83.15 Inc. Vat)

Product ID: ZB115
SKU: 4033653150026
Behringer DJ Headphones HPX2000
Stock Stock Level: 98
The HPX2000 high definition DJ headphones are high quality headphones for demanding users in home and live applications. Their sup...
Price: 16.56 (19.87 Inc. Vat)

Product ID: ZB116
SKU: 4033653150033
Behringer Studio Headphones HPS3000
Stock Stock Level: 564
The HPS3000 high performance studio headphones feature superb frequency response meeting the high demands of professional studio u...
Price: 16.56 (19.87 Inc. Vat)

Product ID: ZB195
SKU: 4033653150095
Behringer Studio Headphones HPS5000
Stock Stock Level: 60
The HPS5000 studio headphones were custom designed to meet and exceed the expectations of the most discerning audiophiles, bringin...
Price: 24.84 (29.81 Inc. Vat)

Product ID: ZB196
SKU: 4033653150118
Behringer DJ Headphones HPX4000
Stock Stock Level: 75
The HPX4000 DJ headphones display impressive sound separation that meet the demands of serious audiophiles. Incredibly comfortable...
Price: 16.56 (19.87 Inc. Vat)

Product ID: ZB117
SKU: 4033653150019
Behringer Multi Purpose Headphones HPM1000
Stock Stock Level: 0
The HPM1000 multi-purpose headphones provide semi-pro level users with an incredible performance unheard of in this price category...
Price: 8.27 (9.92 Inc. Vat)
Product ID: ZB765
SKU: 4033653160223
Behringer HPX6000 Professional DJ Headphones
Stock Stock Level: 0
These Behringer HPX6000 Professional DJ headphones provide superior sound quality with wide frequency response, enhanced bass and ...
Price: 41.41 (49.69 Inc. Vat)
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