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Product ID: G920B
Eagle High Intensity Remote LED Display
Eagle Silver High Intensity Remote LED Display. A remote indicator panel which fits directly to any standard BS1363 single backbox...
Stock Level: 239
Price: £48.36
Product ID: G920C
Mixer Interface for the Eagle G920A
Eagle Mixer Interface which allows the G920A to be used without the Contact Breaker. The product interfaces between the output of ...
Stock Level: 23
Price: £38.23
Product ID: G920DM
Eagle Microphone for Sound Limiter G920D
Eagle Spare Microphone for use with the G920D, Eagle Microphone for Sound Limiter, Depth (mm): 20, Height (mm): 86, Width (mm): 86...
Stock Level: 9
Price: £48.36
Product ID: G990
SL2000 Noise Pollution Control System with Fire Alarm
Simple to install and operate, this system automatically limits the sound output from pubs, clubs, etc., avoiding costly prosecuti...
Stock Level: 80
Price: £349.99
Product ID: 952.801UK
Adastra Noise Pollution Control System
A sound limiter which is easy to install and operate. The system automatically monitors and limits the sound output in venues such...
Stock Level: 20
Price: £460.99
Product ID: 952.804UK
Adastra Remote Indicator for Noise Pollution System
A Traffic Light type remote indicator for use with the Noise Pollution Control System (952.801). Housed in a metal enclosure with ...
Stock Level: 12
Price: £97.99
Product ID: G920D
Eagle Sound Limiter Noise Control System
The Eagle Sound Limiter which is also known as an environmental noise control system is widely utilised within the entertainment i...
Stock Level: 0
Price: £263.99
Product ID: G990D
SL2000 P Portable Noise Pollution Control System with Fire Alarm
Simple to install and operate, this is a truly portable solution for the control of noise pollution. This system automatically lim...
Stock Level: 0
Price: £395.99
Product ID: G995
Remote Indicator for the G990. SL2000
Remote indicator for use with G990 Noise Pollution Control System SL2000. Self contained unit which indicates noise levels to perf...
Stock Level: 0
Price: £115.75