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Product ID: A111D
SKU: 5021196598718
iPod In Car Charger
Stock Stock Level: 993
Mobile iPod charger for use in the car; the iPod charges whilst in use. iPod In-Car Charger
Price: 2.12 (2.54 Inc. Vat)

Product ID: B034G
SKU: 5021196749783
Bumper 4 Way 12V Car Power Socket Adaptor 10A
Stock Stock Level: 960
This unit allows up to 4 other devices to be fitted to a single car power socket.The product features 1.1m of cable to allow for e...
Price: 4.86 (5.83 Inc. Vat)

Product ID: B034MA
SKU: 5021196097365
Heavy Duty Battery Jump Leads
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Stock Stock Level: 126
A pair of heavy duty jump leads, terminated at each end with powerful spring jaw crocodile clips. Colour coded for ease of use wit...
Price: 10.82 (12.98 Inc. Vat)

Product ID: B036
SKU: 5021196004103
Car Power Lead for Cigar Lighter Socket
Stock Stock Level: 681
Provides a cigar lighter socket where none is fitted or when power is required outside the car. Heavy duty crocodile clips take po...
Price: 1.43 (1.72 Inc. Vat)

Product ID: B037C
SKU: 5021196683797
Bumper 12V Cooler Box Lead. 5M
Stock Stock Level: 808
Bumper cigar lighter plug to polarized 2 pin 12v DC plug 5M lead for electric cooler boxes. Colour Black, Length (m) 5
Price: 3.83 (4.60 Inc. Vat)

Product ID: B038
SKU: 5021196004127
Power Extension Adaptor Lead for Cigar Lighter Socket
Stock Stock Level: 317
Adaptor lead to extend cigar lighter-type socket. Fuse (5 Amp) built into plug. Maximum current 5 A and length 2 m
Price: 2.04 (2.45 Inc. Vat)

Product ID: B070
SKU: 5021196004523
Ground Loop Isolator with Low Level Filter
Stock Stock Level: 1278
Ground loop isolator for use in car, professional and domestic audio systems. Designed to isolate the ground between source and am...
Price: 3.59 (4.31 Inc. Vat)

Product ID: B070A
SKU: 5021196004530
Booster Adaptor for In car Amplifiers
Stock Stock Level: 197
Converts high level output from the car stereo to a low-level input for in-car amplifiers, while providing ground loop isolation. ...
Price: 5.34 (6.41 Inc. Vat)

Product ID: B070C
SKU: 5021196055419
Bumper 20A Noise Suppressor
Stock Stock Level: 589
20 A noise suppressor for installation in the 12 V power lead to sound equipment to eliminate interference from electrical systems...
Price: 4.25 (5.10 Inc. Vat)

Product ID: B071A
SKU: 5021196612674
Bumper Ground Loop Isolator
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Stock Stock Level: 565
Ground loop isolator for use in car, professional and domestic audio systems to reduce the potential difference between two ground...
Price: 4.39 (5.27 Inc. Vat)

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