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Product ID: Y062
Super Servisol 10 Switch and Contact Cleaning Lubricant
Switch and contact cleaning lubricant. Removes tarnish and other deposits. Residual lubricating film protects contact surfaces. In...
Stock Level: 1276
Price: £4.60 (£5.52 Inc. Vat)
Product ID: Y062A
Servisol Video 40 Tape Head Cleaner
Tape head cleaner for cassette and video players. Removes tape oxide, dust and dirt. Can be used with safety on plastics, paint, r...
Stock Level: 87
Price: £3.29 (£3.95 Inc. Vat)
Product ID: Y062B
Servisol Foam Cleaner 30 for All Hard Surfaces
A multi-purpose cleaner for all hard surfaces. Quickly and easily removes all types of dirt, grease, stains and contamination. Uni...
Stock Level: 575
Price: £4.20 (£5.04 Inc. Vat)
Product ID: Y063L
Servisol Silicone Grease 70
A multi-purpose silicone grease. Waterproofs, insulates and preserves electrical and electronic equipment. Ideal for switch contac...
Stock Level: 35
Price: £5.51 (£6.61 Inc. Vat)
Product ID: Y063M
Servisol Antistatic Spray Mist 90 to Prevent Static Electricity
A prevention agent against static electricity. Stops the attraction of dust. Excellent for TV screens, cabinets, telephones, fluor...
Stock Level: 60
Price: £4.56 (£5.47 Inc. Vat)
Product ID: Y063N
Servisol Plastic Seal 60 Protective Transparent Coating
A protective transparent coating. Prevents arcing and corona discharge on EHT transformers and high voltage circuits. Flexible dry...
Stock Level: 25
Price: £6.68 (£8.02 Inc. Vat)
Product ID: Y063P
Servisol Aero Klene 50 Dust and Dirt Remover
Servisol Aero Klene 50 Dust and Dirt Remover. A dust and dirt remover. Provides a powerful, dry blast for instant cleaning. Quickl...
Stock Level: 64
Price: £5.42 (£6.50 Inc. Vat)
Product ID: Y063Q
Servisol Silicone Grease 50g
This multi-purpose grease is for use on switch contacts, ignition systems, EHT connections, etc. Has high insulation and water-rep...
Stock Level: 123
Price: £4.88 (£5.86 Inc. Vat)
Product ID: Y063T
Servisol Super 40 Moisture Repellent and Lubricant
A protective moisture repellent and lubricant. Four products in one. Excellent lubricating properties. Displaces moisture. Protect...
Stock Level: 29
Price: £5.77 (£6.92 Inc. Vat)
Product ID: Y063U
Servisol Coldklene 110 Degreasing Agent
A powerful degreasing agent, excellent penetrating and flushing properties. For cold cleaning of electrical equipment. Quickly dis...
Stock Level: 24
Price: £5.63 (£6.76 Inc. Vat)
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