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Product ID: ZE020K
Microphone Stand Bracket for iPad
The Multi-Angle Bracket for iPad, iPad 2 and iPad 3 is ideal for DJs and musicians. It can be quickly and easily installed on any ...
Stock Level: 60
Price: £14.72 (£17.66 Inc. Vat)
Product ID: NJS068A
Digital Drum Stand with Tripod Legs
This high quality digital drum stand features tripod legs, secure height adjustment with locking pin and tilt/angle adjustment, so...
Stock Level: 0
Price: £13.51 (£16.21 Inc. Vat)
Product ID: NJS068C
Adjustable Tripod Tablet Stand. 7 to 10 inch
The Portable Tripod Tablet Stand has an adjustable top which can hold a tablet type device from 7" to 10". Features overall height...
Stock Level: 0
Price: £14.26 (£17.11 Inc. Vat)