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Product ID: AL2003
Alctron iOS Microphone
Record audio up to 12x louder than standard smartphone microphone Prevents interference and feedback Compact and easy to transport...
Stock Level: 25
Price: £29.53
Product ID: P213AB
Tool Die for 6 Pin UK Telephone Plug
A tool die to be used to fit 6 pin UK telephone plugs. Bulk. Tool Die For 6 Pin UK Telephone Plug. Bulk
Stock Level: 16306
Price: £0.12
Product ID: P213E
Telephone Cable Insertion Tool IDC
Cable insertion tool (IDC) for inserting cable into IDC sockets. Cable Insertion Tool (IDC)
Stock Level: 329
Price: £0.71
Product ID: P213Z
White IDC Cable Insertion Tool
IDC cable insertion tool. White IDC Cable Insertion Tool. Bulk
Stock Level: 26281
Price: £0.12